Annual Summit on Biomaterials and Tissues

Sergey Suchkov

Annual Summit on Biomaterials and Tissues happened during June 08, 2020, 2020 is an international Webinar for frank and challenging dialogue, exploring possibilities and dilemmas associated with advancement in biomaterials field. Our event brought together materials professionals, thought leaders, doctors, researchers, entrepreneurs, professors, directors. The participants were encouraged to share experience, insights and strategies for permitting the professional well-being of the entire materials science team. The format of the meeting involved a mixture of keynote talks, presentations on topical issues, and extensive panel discussions, as well as the introduction of interactive working groups, and plenty of scheduled time for official and informal networking. The event was carried out through different sessions, in which the discussions were held on the major scientific topics but not limited to: Biomaterials, 3D printing, Tissue transplants, Bio imaging, Implants, Recent works in biomaterials and more.