Cardiology Phone Clinics in a Regional Centre during COVID-19 Pandemic: The Patients and Clinicians Experience (An Audit Survey)

Milad Hassoon and Wisam Khider

COVID 19 pandemic imposed a challenge on sustaining a safe outpatient cardiology service. The phone clinics become widely used alternative to provide the cardiac consultations and follow up services. We aimed at evaluating this experience from the patients and cardiology specialists’ point of view and gage their satisfaction with this setting. Method: A survey audit utilised structured questionnaires-based feedback from patients and cardiology specialists involved in phone clinics at a regional cardiac centre. Results: The feedbacks of 67 patients and 12 cardiology specialists involved in 12 telephone clinics over a period of 14 days were collected. The survey showed that more than 80% of patients and consultants’ were satisfied with the adopted booking process, the quality of service and overall outcome of phone clinic experience. The survey suggested minor communication challenges and occasional performance related challenges faced by the specialists who conducted these clinics. The survey also explored a trend in preferences of the type of cases managed in these clinics where ischaemic heart disease is more favourable and heart failure cases are the least. Conclusion: Cardiology phone clinics are well received mode of remote consultation and follow up among the patients and cardiology professionals.