Oral health Status oral health behaviors and oral health care utilization among migrants residing in europe A systematic review.

Amandeep Pabbla

 As the reported data on oral health status among the migrants in Europe is fragmented, we systematically reviewed the published literature on the oral health status; behavior’s and care utilization among migrants residing in Europe. For this, we retrieved publications from PubMed and EMBASE, supplemented by manual citation screening and grey literature search on Google scholars. Two independent reviewers screened the studies, extracted data and critically appraised the publications. A total of 69 studies included showed higher dental caries among migrant children. But some studies on adolescents and adults reported similar or even better oral health among migrants compared to the host population, while other reported the opposite. Poor oral health behaviors were generally reported among the migrants and they frequently made use of emergency service utilization compared to the host population. We shed light on the gaps in dental literature and make some recommendations for the future