Streamlining the Efficiency of Pre-Operative Nurse Led Clinic in Development of Clinical Pathway of a Surgical Patient

Louise Nortje

Nurse Led Pre-operative clinics have been advocated as one of the effective health care services to conduct the preoperative assessment in order to prepare and optimized patients for surgery. It is defined as a clinic that provides a general assessment includes history taking, health assessment and physical examination. Such clinics are designed to optimize the medical condition of the patient before surgery and to reduce the rate of cancellations of surgery, thereby supporting the optimal utilization of resources and improving patient’s overall experience with the services provided by the PONLC (Pre-operative Nurse Led clinic) In the event of an extended delay between the decision to admit for surgery and the actual admission patients will need to be re-assessed to ensure their fitness for surgery, this will be an integrated team who will also be responsible for the coordination and management of the admission and surgical procedure. A short summary of the literature review citing the author and year e.g. Derwing et al. (2002) mentions…etc. Traditionally, pre-operative assessment is within the remit of the medical professional mainly conducted by the doctors or the anesthetist.