Testicular tumor, about a clinical case

Teresa Benedito P�?©rez de Inestrosa

Testicular germ cell tumors are very rare. The testicular germ tumor represents 1% of all malignant tumors in men . This entity is characterized by affecting very young people, by the totipotential capacity to differentiate that tumor cells have and by their healing possibilities; about 95% of newly diagnosed patients can be cured. Testicular ultrasound is essential for diagnosis. Orchiectomy and pathological examination of the testis are needed to confirm the diagnosis and define the local extension. A serum determination of tumor markers (AFP, HCG and LDH in case of metastatic disease) must be performed before and after orchiectomy for the purpose of staging and prognosis. The clinical case of a 37-year-old male, without toxic habits, and without a medical history of interest is presented. Go to consultation after noticing palpation a painful tumor in the right testicle, as the patient refers the pain is triggered after receiving a blow on the testicles playing football.