Uncertified Health Attendants (UHAS): A Hitch to Good Health and Wellbeing in Nigeria- Ebonyi State case study

Uzoma Omenka

Human life is an estimable gift and so precious that it cannot be toyed with or allowed to be threatened by both natural and manmade hazards. There is a profound difference between human beings, other living things, and inanimate objects. Hence, human life should be guarded and guided with substantive protection and adequate precaution taken to reduce the risk of constant loss of life. Uncertified Health attendants care is considered one of the variables for assessing mortality rates in Nigeria (Harvey S.A. et al (WHO Bulletin 2007) thus the necessity to assess the extent the services of UHAs have contributed negatively to good health and wellbeing of the esteeming rural and urban populace. This work reviews the scope at which uncertified Health Attendants carry out their practice in Ebonyi State. Ebonyi state is one of the South Eastern States in Nigeria with a total population of 2,176,947 and landmass of 1,000/sq ml (2006 census).